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Monday, June 27, 2011

LOUVES (She-Wolves) CD4 Coming auwoooh soon!

Hey Lycans!

Just a quick note to let you know, we are close to announcing our next release, LOUVES!

With our 4th release, LOUVES, Lycantrop honors the spirit of the feminine divine, presenting the unique and powerful talents of she-wolves Kala, Nasha, Yara and Labrini. Let the she-wolves take you beyond moments, beyond time, beyond thoughts of male/female or any other illusory versions of separation. For the act of creation is only complete when you join in! As a gentle reminder of the ever-subjective and dual nature of experience, we hope you will agree that these vibrations are not only feminine but also and simply: excellent music.

Releasing in September. Sound Samples, album art and more info will be online soon. Mastering by MadMaXstering.

Wishing you much daysun and nighthowling!

With love,
K Lycan

ps - artwork will be 16 page booklet based on original sand paintings by Charley Case, together with David Demazy with handpainted adaptations by Lycan sister Darshana Bolt, whose artwork (and singing and dancing) are frequently on display in Burlington, Vermont. A recent review of her artwork is here.

Here, you can see the front cover and last page of the booklet:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Update (tracklists!) HYBRID EVOLUTION VA + STARDUST EP (May 2010 releases)

Auwoooh!!! Doesn't it feel good to howl?

A little update, dear Lycan friends...

HYBRID EVOLUTION is coming along nicely - we are on schedule for a May release. Artwork by visionary artist Neil Gibson looks GREAT: as soon as it is final, final, final, we will share with you! And with collaborations like these, we hope to delight every ear!


-1.Dark Elf & Fractal Error : Hybrid Plasma 146 bpm 7:33

-2.DarkShiRe & Detonator: Jetgum 149 bpm 7:20

-3.White Wizard & Mind Game : Lycan Beast 150 bpm

-4.Yara & Malkaviam : Shedu 148 bpm 7:29

-5.Alien Mental & Mind Distortion System : Brink Of Extinction 148 bpm 7:25

-6.Underground Directive & Krono Psy : Acid Bucket 152 bpm 7:59

-7.Silent Horror & Venom Sense : Evpeee 152 bpm 8:05

-8.Rawar & Sator Arepo : Hybrid Evolution 150 bpm 6:41

-9.Energy Loop & InSector : Israeli Sqweez 156 bpm 7:41

10.Fatal Discord & Select Project : Selected Discord 157 bpm 7:29


STARDUST is the "companion EP" we will co-release on same date as HYBRID EVOLUTION.

As most solar systems are binary, we decided to release a companion, STARDUST, to accompany HYBRID EVOLUTION on its aural and astral journey. STARDUST is a digital only EP and will be available through digital distribution (Dist Electronic, Cytopia, etc).

-1.DarkShiRe : Confidential 149 bpm 9:37

-2.Gu : Psychologically & Physically 152 bpm 7:34

-3.Mubali : Vent 152 bpm 8:00

-4.Mind Distortion System : Dark Matter 150 bpm 8:21

-5.Rawar : coming soon ;-)

-6.Mind Distortion System & Krono Psy : First of the Lycans 158 bpm 7:48

-7.Underground Directive - NL# 5 X Haze 165 bpm 6:24


The best way to get STARDUST is FREE.


A thank you from us and the artists who contributed tracks with open hearts. How can you get STARDUST for FREE? Easy: purchase HYBRID EVOLUTION and it is yours in FLAC.


There are 2 ways to get the free STARDUST download:

1) Buy HYBRID EVOLUTION from our webshop

At checkout: you automatically receive link to free download of STARDUST EP

2) Buy Hybrid Evolution CD through your preferred online shop. Inside CD, you will receive unique code to download STARDUST

Anyone who wants to pre-order from us directly (special price , please get in touch: lycantroprecordsadmin@gmail.com .

Artwork: Mario Songolou
Mastering: Mad MaxStering

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hybrid Evolution Update

Mini update! Hybrid Evolution (yes, we tweaked the spelling a bit) is still on track for release in April. Tracklisting any day now, promise.

We are happy to confirm a "companion" EP called Stardust - 6 amazing pure psychedelic tracks from global talent plus plus plus - Stardust will be a free of charge BONUS EP for who buys the Hybrid Evolution in CD format, or digitally (exclusively through our webshop).

Even more goodies in store for the Hybrid Evolution release (hint, Neil Gibson is the cover artist), so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hybrides Evolution project updates/little contest

Nice to feel support vibrations, we receive and retransmit to the whole scene, we are just a cell in the organism. :-)

When I posted, I left off a couple of projects because I did not have the very latest info. I'm now updated and, since i love word jumbles (really!), how about this:


First person (1 winner only, you can submit on any forum/group or send email to lycantrop.records@gmail.com) to unscramble the 2 artists hidden inside: Hybrides Evolution CD is yours.

If you know the answer, you are diswualified, and please STFU (shut the bleep up). ;-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hybrides Evolution is coming soon: LYCANTROP RECORDS LYCCD003

Head's up - heavy music dropping your way! Hardhat recommended.

Title: Various Artists: "Hybrides Evolution"
Release Date: April, 2010
Cover Art: Neil Gibson

Release notes aren't ready yet but the release date is fast approaching, so we thought we better let you folks know what we're cooking. Hybrides Evolution contains 100% collaboration tracks - no solo projects. Here are some of the projects appearing on the release: Yara (VE), Underground Directive (BE/PT), Fractal Error (GR), Silent Horror (IN), Venom Sense (HU), DarkShiRe (GR), Energy Loop (IS), InSector (HU), Fatal Discord (JP), Select Project (RU), Malkaviam (VE), White Wizard (IN), Mind Game (IN), Detonator (GR), Krono Psy (PT), Dark Elf (FR/GR)...

We were not sure if all that creative soundblasting would be enough to satisfy, so we are also releasing a COMPANION (Digital ONLY) BONUS EP - a free download from our webshop for anyone who buys the full release (in digital or physical form). It will also be for sale through our exclusive partner for digital distribution, DistElectronic. Artists: Surprise for now

Samples won't be ready until mid-March!

Sending best vibes,

~ Your Lycan Crew

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facebook Overload spurs Lycantrop message of revolution!

Facebook overload
For obvious reasons (see image of our Facebook inbox!), we must start to block/ignore all but the most beautiful and/or perosnally meaningful inputs from truly connected souls!Please do not be upset if we do NOT acknowlege your Facebook invitation, mail, gift, etc.

Good example: If we don’t know you or your music, we cannot possibly join your FAN club!

Games, don't bother to invite us. It's cool to have some fun, but overall, all this STUFF is a power-led effort to keep the natives from getting restlesss...bread and circus. That reminds me, have you heard the anecdote: Two thousand years ago, a Roman Senator suggested that all slaves wear white armbands to better identify them. No," said a wiser Senator, "If they see how many of them there are, they may revolt."

The idea with all this social media, for us, anyway, is to connect with the right people with the right info, at the right time. We try not to bombard you personally with a lot of group-this, send-to-all that.

Facebook is part of our guerilla warfare strategy: making use of the enemy's resources. ;-)

Our not-so-secret focus is on sharing in the raising of consciousness. Facebook is just another tool. Like music, human brains and egos.

In previous evolutionary leaps, it was a naturally occurring adaptive advantage that wrought dramatic species change. The ability to blend with your surroundings like a leopard with his spots, or coral fish indistinguishable from its habitat.

Now, humanity will decide for all life what the next step will be.

Conscioussness is the ultimate expression of life's urge to manifest. The next stage of evolution has to happen there, a further refinement of the brain as adaptive advantage can fulfill its fractal destiny either via collapse or expansion. Expanded consciousness is nothing more than the collective pooling of consciousness via the Global Brain which is the sum total of all information and interactions on the internet (framework, nodes are analogous to neuronal synapses). You, see, we have the key, and it is greater and more powerful and smarter than any subset organization.

If we fullfil our expansive destiny, there will be a synchronization of the global mind, and a common commitment to developing sustainability on our planet as the fundamental guiding principle of humanity, overarching all political, NGO, religious, cultural, ethnic AND CORPORATE affiliations, a global culture shift so powerful that no dam can hold it back: a united global humanity who says NO TO ANYTHING BUT PLANET FIRST! We need lots of hearts and minds: like Ghandi's peaceful resistance, it only works when you reach a tipping point with the masses.

If we don't get synced enough, fast enough, the missed chance for resource efficiencies will carry us faster into situations of resource shortage and attendant disaster (war, famine, disease, etc). We simply will not make it without massive loss of life and perhaps total extinction...LIFE would continue on, hoisted and carried by sturdy ANTS

I love to have fun and be happy as much as the next one. But, the hour is urgent even if the elite and power structures of the world would have us think otherwise. Those who understand the situation have a moral obligation to take a stand.

That's not to say we can't have FUN along the way... But, one thing we will not do is distract you with mass-mailings, invitations, etc. :-))))))))))))))))))))))

Thanks for being connected to Lycantrop. Feel free to send a personal message - we love real, meaningful contact!

~ K Lycan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DarkShiRe track Yakuza #1 on Cytopia Night / Darkpsy Chart

Lycantrop Records Distorted Shire darkpsy compilation
Check it out, peeps! Lycantrop releases* can now be found on Cytopia (big thanks to our master partner for digital distribution, Dist Electronic), and "Yakuza", DarkShiRe's hypnotizing first track from our 2nd comp Distorted Shire, is #1 on the night / darkpsy charts!

DarkShiRe is really making his mark these days, with collabs with Furious, an amazing Soulcraft side project AND a new Septagram EP just released on free digital label Ektoplazm (download here).
*Lycans' Meeting coming soon!

Warm appreciation to Yves and the crew at Dist Electronic, thanks to their hard work, you can now find Distorted Shire just about everywhere you might be looking for digital sounds, including Beats Digital, Juno Download,
AudioJelly, DistElectronic's own site and Napster...to name just a few.

Distorted Shire is the result of close collaboration with Mario from Greece, who is not only the artist known as DarkShiRe but also co-producer on projects Septagram and Kokobloko. DarkShiRe and Mind Distortion System sounds form the heart of the album – the 2 artists collaborate on 2 tracks, then each have their own material and collabs with a cast of all Greek artists….Dark Elf's influence is also not to be missed - as he joins forces on "Snake in the Grass" from Septagram (Dark Elf/DarkShire project), as well as "Groovy Minds" with Mind Distortion System), - and mastered half the tracks.

The release has gotten great response on dancefloors and listeners around the world, so if you love Lycantrop and want to show your support, digital is an affordable way to send some funds in our direction.

Did you know, if all our friends and fans (that means: you, you & YOU!)on MySpace + Facebook bought just 1 track each for an average of 1$/€/£, we could immediately pay EVERY ARTIST WHO HAS EVER RELEASED WITH US 100 Euros - believe me, they would really appreciate that)!

And remember, all our releases are fully available as MP3 downloads on Last FM so you can decide what you really like!

Thanks again for all the support; let's have some fun in 2010! And again, big ups to DarkShiRe for the tremendous response on his track, "Yakuza".


~ K Lycan