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Monday, October 12, 2009


Auuwooooohhhhm! Do you like my new word? It is a combination of wolf's howl and AUM.

Over here at Lycantrop headquarters, we are just starting to get back to a normal pattern, after a summer of travel, followed by our son being too sick to go to daycare for over a month. That set us back a bit, especially with our website, which still needs a lot of work - but only Mrs Lycan can do it, and only when she has some time. Musically, we are pushing ahead: Hybrides Evolution is very very close to being compiled. Expect a March release date. The concept is 100% collaboration (2 or more projects) tracks. A challenge to build a good story, but Nelson is feeling good about the flow so far! So, stay tuned.

Local parties are back now that summer is over: I had a great time and made a little money doing a shop for the last Lost Theory party: highlights were Neil Gibson deco (and hanging a biwith Neil: a most considerate, interesting and fun dooooooood - tks again for the Js!), hanging a bit with Gus Till and the DJ set from top Belgian DJ Entre Nous (formerly Makkura). Standout tracks in his set: Encephalopaticys (don't know what track it was) and Megalopsy's new track "Derrames" from Lost Theory's Forest Frequencies release. How could I forget: also had mucho funno with Mike and Pieter - Repsycled all the way. In fact, the strangest thing about this party in a boy scout building somewhere in Belgium, was the fact that we had 4 native English speakers just chillin and all of us are so used to our odd lives, that it didn't seem strange. Then, we were like, "How did we all get here?" ;-)))))))))))

Just 2 days until Solaris turns 2 and we will celebrate with our extended trance family (our own families are farther afield) this Saturday. Serendipitously enough, our friends Ryko and Pedro make a free "Elektro Shankar" party in Brussels that night and Nelson is going to DJ (get your asses down there, Mario aka DJ Device is playing, too - and Ryko and Mozkatt and and and!!!)...and Luis has agreed (THANK YOU!) to stay home with Little One so that I can enjoy. That will be a real celebration: I love being a mom, but it has been a while since I saw Nelson play, so this will be a day to enjoy both of my guys. :-)))

Okay, gotta run, just wanted to say HELLO, thanks for staying tuned. We are alive and kicking (and bass-ing, too) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boooooooom and Auuwooooohhhhm!!! K Lycan

ps- for realtime miniupdates, follow us on Twitter: LycantropRecord ;-))