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Friday, November 28, 2008

Argh! Why do people expect something for nothing?

I am a little frustrated. We humans should have a way to go- the average lifespan for a vertebrate species on Planetus Earthus is, I believe (and am too lazy to check, what's a billion here or there, after all?), 2 to 4 billion years. Yet, increasingly, we see evidence that all this me, me, me-ism of our ego-driven brains is not good for our species. Our cozy position on the top of the food chain is predicated, of course, on the chain existing to sustain us.

No, this is not going to be my usual rant about overconsumption and the snake eating its own tail.

Where am I going with this? Well, we have had some very positive repsonses to our DJ Mixcast Contest announcement, but we have also received some...not so positive.

It seems that our requirement that you purchase the Lycans Meeting CD is just too much for some people. Never mind that if you are a DJ, of course you get EVERY RELEASE FREE. And stuff like a label t-shirt, at a minimum.

And it takes us a lot of time to set up the label, to compile the albums, to master, to pay for artwork...to set up the podcasts AND the voting... !

So, if you want to download the music, go for it! Enjoy! Just don't enter our little contest.

To make our label philosoply CLEAR: we share all profits equally with the artists and we work our asses off for all of them. We are not in this for ourselves. We are trying to help our community. And have enough money in our pockets to take care of ourselves and our baby.

That is it.

Thanks to everyone who understands the power of giving, the power of love, the power of unity, the truth that it is in the darkest night that stars shine brightest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calling all DJs! The Lycans Meeting DJ Mixcast Contest

Hey DJs!

Wanna join the Lycantrop crew?

The winner of our upcoming DJ MIXCAST CONTEST will be invited to join Lycantrop Records as a label DJ!

To enter, you must:
1. be a working DJ, with 3 references of paid parties where you have played in the last 18 months (name/date event and organization, copy of flyer or link to web event posting)
2. have proof of purchase of the LYCANS MEETING CD (email purchase confirmation from online shop, scanned copy of paper receipt, etc)
3. Send us your mix, containing
- at least 2 tracks from LYCANS MEETING
- a total of at least 5 RELEASED tracks from LYCANS MEETING ARTISTS (can include LYCANS MEETING tracks)

We'll publish all mixes as Podcasts and listeners can vote for their favorite.

Your mix can be a live mix or in-studio. Exact minimum and maximum length will be published before Dec 10, along with FULL CONTEST DETAILS (how to upload, format, etc) .

(the sooner you enter, the more chances you have to be listened to and voted for!!!)


May the best mix win!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

More Shenanigans!

I must confess that I had not heard the full Mubali album when I posted yesterday.

Today is a different story! We've had Shenanigans on constant rotation (except when the landlord UNEXPECTEDLY showed up - that was fun!). It's so funky, we're all bobbing our heads whilst sitting in front of our respective computers!

And the end is fun, thoughtful and original.

Final assessment: 10 mind-ripping thumbs up!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lycans Meeting Back in Stock

Lycans Meeting is once again available at all major psytrance online shops, after selling out at Psyshop within a few days. Despite stocking issues, it remains in the Psyshop Top 20 Chart !! - "darkpsy" does not usually fly to the top of their charts, so we take this as a real honor!

In other news, I just got blasted with Mubali's new Shenanigans album, just released on Trishula - it serendipitously arrived in my hands just when I had an hour to kill...in the car. As I do my best listening while driving, and FREE TIME is more rare than the air at Everest when you have 13 month old Solaris* running around saying GANGA all day - that's GAN-GA, not GAN-JA, you wiseasses! - it's his word for chicken...coming from the Portuguese GALLINA - his grandparents took him to see the neigbhor's chickens 4 times a day while Nelson and I were off being ALL (inside joke) at the Boom Festival. It seems to have affected him deeply -- this was a case of Perfect Timing.

Um, where was I? Right - Shenanigans. I need to listen a few more times, but on first listen I was already going deep inside...Mr. Farley has a gift, and we are grateful and honored to have him on board at Lycantrop.

*GUARANTEED SMILE: check out Solaris in the "FAVORITES" section on the Lycantrop Records channel in YouTube - I stuck some videos of him with our dog Bam Bam! Oh wait, sorry, I am still a Blogger newbie, here, I can embed the video right here! Enjoy!

Solaris vs. Bam Bam

Peace out,
Keira/ Lycantrop Crew, h

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lycans Meeting on radio, this Thursday approx Midnight Europe/6pm US time

Radio Premiere, Lycans Meeting - this Thursday , 20 Nov :-)

Click link to listen over the internet, wherever you may be in the world! Sometime between 22.30 and 01.00 Central European Time (Belgium, Germany, etc)


Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to BUY Lycans Meeting!

Okay, folks, here it is. The official Lycantrop Records list of :

10 Reasons to purchase Lycans Meeting

1. It's your chance to win Hybrides Evolution (and maybe a t-shirt, too!).
See the video (and read the video description) on our YouTube Site for more information...

2. JU Artwork Inside
The inside of the cover booklet is one, no-text-adulterated piece of JuDzign artwork. Hang it on your wall, for sure. In fact, the entire CD artwork is visually stunning...layers of imagery that continue to astound and reveal long after the first view!

3. JU Artwork Outside (10 = 1)
OutsideWhen placed on a shelf, the spines (thin outer part of CD case) of the fir
st 10 CDs form 1 complete image. A very special thank you to you diehard Lycan supporters!

4. Technical quality
There is nothing like an orginal CD with no damaged sectors. (When you get yours, make a CD copy and put it in a safe place. And keep a digital copy, too!)

5. Show support
The goal of our label is t help our artists to live from their music. Your purchase helps to make that possible.
6. For the Mewzik, doh.
Of course, you can download it for free, perhaps with a bad sector or two, but who really cares? The point is, we know that you don't need to buy the CD to get the music. I'm going to say it anyway, because it is a fantastic tracklist!

7. DJ MIX Competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(FOR THE WANNABE LYCANTROP DJs): Soon, we will announce a DJ MIX CONTEST. Full details will be out soon, but you are only eligible to win if you have PURCHASED a CD. All entrants are going to get good promotion by participating - so hurry up and buy your CD and start practicing a DJ set (one rule of the contest will be that your mix has to include at least 2 tracks from Lycans Meeting)

8. Because you want to.

Always an excellent reason.

9. Someone you love would love to receive it.

How thoughtful of you!

10. Last but certainly not least:

You will have our deepest appreciation and thanks. ;-))


So, many reasons! So many reasons...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lycans Meeting hits #14 on Psyshop Charts!

Click for Enlarged Image
Just days after the release, we were happy and surprised when Ju sent the link to Psyshop's charts....Lycans Meeting has made it into the top 20!

Thanks again to everyone for your support; we look forward to giving out copies of Hybrides Evolution (CD2) to those of you who are lucky winners of the Sticker Contest! That's every 25th person who buys a CD...to see if you've won, check the Lycantrop Records sticker that comes with the CD!


Monday, November 10, 2008

LYCANS MEETING "OUT NOW" Banner - cut & paste ;-)


Feel free to use on any of your sites!

Lycans Meeting Released

We are excited and pleased to announce that our debut release, Lycans Meeting, is OUT NOW! You can buy it on Beatspace and Psyshop, so far. To promote sales, we are running a Sticker Contest . Every Lycans Meeting CD ships with a sticker, and every 25th sticker is a winner. Most winners will receive a free copy of Hybrides Evolution, the 2nd CD to be released by Lycantrop Records. One lucky winner will receive Hybrides Evolution AND a Lycantrop Records t-shirt!

Be sure to visit the Lycantrop Records website: it is a work in progress but already lots of fun stuff for you!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lycans Meeting Artwork