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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hi Friends, little update..

First, we are NOT stopping Lycantrop Records! Not sure where these rumors started. Maybe because I blogged that we move to a new location? Yes, we are moving and the studio may be down for 1 month, but our release schedule will not be affected.

We will have 2 to 3 releases next year. Nelson is almost done compiling HYBRIDES EVOLUTION, which will be 100% collaboration (2 or more projects) tracks. A challenge to compile a good story with such diverse input, but the finished result will deliver a highly concentrated smorgasbord of sound.
Expected Release date: March or April

After that: Lycantrop DJs Iguana and Corious are compiling something nice and hot to go along with the summer sunshine.

For autumn, we have TIGHT SHIP, all tracks custom-produced around one common theme. Since "loose lips sink tight ships", I won't say more about this one so early on, but stay tuned.

ps - We are thrilled to be syncing up with DIST ELECTRONIC for our digital distribution: Distorted Shire is the first release they will manage, release date is 8 December

pps - just a few Lycantrop Records "v 1.0" tshirts left! A perfect holiday gift - see our special package deals: http://www.lycantrop-rec.com/shop.html (click on the TSHIRT symbol)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Permatrance Culture (Will we Figure it Out?)

Okay, this is a bit of a rant - yes, I'm grumpy! It has occurred to me...the global psytrance scene must have the highest concentration of sustainability phreaks of any group on the planet. Why, then, are so few of our artists sustainable in their music-creation lifestyles? There are very few artists making a living from their music - most either have other jobs or other sources of incomes. The night psychedelic scene, in particular, is the least commercial and the most poverty stricken!

The global economy is 10 times the size of the global money supply. So, everything runs on credit, except The Underground. In our world, cash is king. So, if you are going to make a party, have someone who understands finances make the budget. Charge the cover price you need to charge so that everyone gets taken care of. Don't compete with other events. Remember that the music-makers are our technoshamans, they modulate the trance energy, they must be supported, for without them, the beating pulse of trance is nought.

It's not right and it is not fair and it is not sustainable when people get something without reciprocating. Long term, it does not add up: pain and hardship hit the very shamans we are honor-bound to protect. We see this problem on a global scale (I sometimes think I hear Gaia weeping), but we don't fix it in our own scene. And if we can't get sustainable in a cash economy, how on earth (pardon the pun) will we unwind all that global credit and balance things out on a global scale?

We are the canaries in the coal mine, friends. Credit is dried up. Now it gets ugly. Or beautiful. (Anyone else read Jared Diamond's "Collapse"?)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lycantrop Celebrates Birthday with YOU ( + Godzilla friend!)

Wow, many thanks to all for your birthday greetings - yes, Lycantrop turns 1 year old today, this being the one year anniversary of our flagship release: Lycans' Meeting! A special thanks to people who have bought CDs from us - your support really and truly is keeping this label alive, Lycan friends like T in Japan and J in South Korea (J, hope the tshirt fits PERFECT), Belinda, Jose, Vincent...EVERYONE: massive gratitude: obrigado, thank you, danke schoen, dank je wel, grazie, arigato, merci, gracias!

As a special thank you to online-connected friends, we will sell Lycans' Meeting for 7 Euros for the rest of the month of November. Even better, you can purchase Lycans' Meeting + Distorted Shire (including access codes for 2 free downloads) - 2CDs - for just 12 € (Currency Converter here on our main blog page). Shipping costs additional (much less expensive if we remove from the plastic jewel cases, but you can choose: packaged or not).

To order, contact us on Facebook, Ning, MySpace or directly by email at LycantropRecordsAdmin@gmail.com

Now is probably a good moment to remind you that the first 10 Lycantrop CDs will form a VISUAL BOXED SSETt, with a special image visible when you place the 10 CDs sequentially.

Look at the picture: can you already guess what the image will be?

  • A few tshirts and tanktops are still available – ask for your size and save BIG on shipping costs when you place a CD+shirt order!

Must run, time to put Solaris to bed. Then back to packing and organizing for our upcoming move to new Lycantrop digs. Overijse experiment drawing to a close, time for the next phase!