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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hi Friends, little update..

First, we are NOT stopping Lycantrop Records! Not sure where these rumors started. Maybe because I blogged that we move to a new location? Yes, we are moving and the studio may be down for 1 month, but our release schedule will not be affected.

We will have 2 to 3 releases next year. Nelson is almost done compiling HYBRIDES EVOLUTION, which will be 100% collaboration (2 or more projects) tracks. A challenge to compile a good story with such diverse input, but the finished result will deliver a highly concentrated smorgasbord of sound.
Expected Release date: March or April

After that: Lycantrop DJs Iguana and Corious are compiling something nice and hot to go along with the summer sunshine.

For autumn, we have TIGHT SHIP, all tracks custom-produced around one common theme. Since "loose lips sink tight ships", I won't say more about this one so early on, but stay tuned.

ps - We are thrilled to be syncing up with DIST ELECTRONIC for our digital distribution: Distorted Shire is the first release they will manage, release date is 8 December

pps - just a few Lycantrop Records "v 1.0" tshirts left! A perfect holiday gift - see our special package deals: http://www.lycantrop-rec.com/shop.html (click on the TSHIRT symbol)

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