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Friday, December 25, 2009

This picture was taken this evening: no, this is not a WITCHES BREW...German speakers among you will probably recognize the characteristic profile of a burning Koelner Zuckerhut, well-laced with high proof rum!

This was hands down the best Feurzangenbowle I ever sampled, due certainly to its overnight incubation. We prepared the wine yesterday at our friends' house, then did not "do the burn" because Mama Lycan fell sound asleep whilst putting young Solaris "dodo" (hiya, night night...you know). So, the wine, orange and lemon concoction was heated with cinnamon, allspice and cardamon, then cooled and left sitting overnight. The flavor today was simply divine!

Better yet, after heating issues since moving into the new house, we splurged and started a fire with the stove in our new house. Talk about efficient - we are roasting in here, and only added 1 log since starting the fire 8 hours ago...the coals are red hot and the stove is still blasting heat.

So, just a quick note to wish you (yes, YOU!) all the best for the holiday season and every day. We are really excited about this upcoming year: Nelson will continue to focus on his music and Lycantrop. I will continue to help with the "marketing" side of Lycantrop, and will also focus on my passion: sustainable business. As some of you know, my background is in technology sales and business development: my goal now is to assist companies in re-tooling their strategies for maximum sustainability. In Jan/Feb, I'll be taking a course in Triple Bottom Line Accounting (People/Planet/Profit). Anyone interested in this stuff, get in touch and let's share information!

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