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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Darkpsy meets Twitter

Happy New Year, Everyone. My new year's resolution: to post frequently. Contact is the hallmark of relationships. Interaction. Energyflow.

So, to start things off right, I wanna talk about the ultimate realtime in virtual conversations, Twitter.

"What!" you exclaim.

Patiently, I explain that Twitter is not just a stupid tool for telling the world you just brushed your teeth. Twitter is a very useful way of filtering through interesting web content: half the content is people posting personally and the rest is sharing interesting articles, links, photos, videos.

As Twitter gained traction, we started to actively use our account, and very recently, lots of other interesting name in the scene have joined the service, too. As I said, Twitter is a cool way to monitor topics that interest you in a realtime feed, which you subscribe to using Google Reader or another service. You can follow people (whose profiles resonate with you through shared interests), or lists, like ours for darkpsy, visible in widget form in the upper left of our blog.

Like all technology, the tool is only as good as the hand.mind that wields it, but I believe that in the age of information overflow, it's going to be necessary to get a grip on tools like this, or drown in a sea of unsurfable nodes.

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