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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DarkShiRe track Yakuza #1 on Cytopia Night / Darkpsy Chart

Lycantrop Records Distorted Shire darkpsy compilation
Check it out, peeps! Lycantrop releases* can now be found on Cytopia (big thanks to our master partner for digital distribution, Dist Electronic), and "Yakuza", DarkShiRe's hypnotizing first track from our 2nd comp Distorted Shire, is #1 on the night / darkpsy charts!

DarkShiRe is really making his mark these days, with collabs with Furious, an amazing Soulcraft side project AND a new Septagram EP just released on free digital label Ektoplazm (download here).
*Lycans' Meeting coming soon!

Warm appreciation to Yves and the crew at Dist Electronic, thanks to their hard work, you can now find Distorted Shire just about everywhere you might be looking for digital sounds, including Beats Digital, Juno Download,
AudioJelly, DistElectronic's own site and Napster...to name just a few.

Distorted Shire is the result of close collaboration with Mario from Greece, who is not only the artist known as DarkShiRe but also co-producer on projects Septagram and Kokobloko. DarkShiRe and Mind Distortion System sounds form the heart of the album – the 2 artists collaborate on 2 tracks, then each have their own material and collabs with a cast of all Greek artists….Dark Elf's influence is also not to be missed - as he joins forces on "Snake in the Grass" from Septagram (Dark Elf/DarkShire project), as well as "Groovy Minds" with Mind Distortion System), - and mastered half the tracks.

The release has gotten great response on dancefloors and listeners around the world, so if you love Lycantrop and want to show your support, digital is an affordable way to send some funds in our direction.

Did you know, if all our friends and fans (that means: you, you & YOU!)on MySpace + Facebook bought just 1 track each for an average of 1$/€/£, we could immediately pay EVERY ARTIST WHO HAS EVER RELEASED WITH US 100 Euros - believe me, they would really appreciate that)!

And remember, all our releases are fully available as MP3 downloads on Last FM so you can decide what you really like!

Thanks again for all the support; let's have some fun in 2010! And again, big ups to DarkShiRe for the tremendous response on his track, "Yakuza".


~ K Lycan

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