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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hybrides Evolution project updates/little contest

Nice to feel support vibrations, we receive and retransmit to the whole scene, we are just a cell in the organism. :-)

When I posted, I left off a couple of projects because I did not have the very latest info. I'm now updated and, since i love word jumbles (really!), how about this:


First person (1 winner only, you can submit on any forum/group or send email to lycantrop.records@gmail.com) to unscramble the 2 artists hidden inside: Hybrides Evolution CD is yours.

If you know the answer, you are diswualified, and please STFU (shut the bleep up). ;-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hybrides Evolution is coming soon: LYCANTROP RECORDS LYCCD003

Head's up - heavy music dropping your way! Hardhat recommended.

Title: Various Artists: "Hybrides Evolution"
Release Date: April, 2010
Cover Art: Neil Gibson

Release notes aren't ready yet but the release date is fast approaching, so we thought we better let you folks know what we're cooking. Hybrides Evolution contains 100% collaboration tracks - no solo projects. Here are some of the projects appearing on the release: Yara (VE), Underground Directive (BE/PT), Fractal Error (GR), Silent Horror (IN), Venom Sense (HU), DarkShiRe (GR), Energy Loop (IS), InSector (HU), Fatal Discord (JP), Select Project (RU), Malkaviam (VE), White Wizard (IN), Mind Game (IN), Detonator (GR), Krono Psy (PT), Dark Elf (FR/GR)...

We were not sure if all that creative soundblasting would be enough to satisfy, so we are also releasing a COMPANION (Digital ONLY) BONUS EP - a free download from our webshop for anyone who buys the full release (in digital or physical form). It will also be for sale through our exclusive partner for digital distribution, DistElectronic. Artists: Surprise for now

Samples won't be ready until mid-March!

Sending best vibes,

~ Your Lycan Crew