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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lycans Meeting Back in Stock

Lycans Meeting is once again available at all major psytrance online shops, after selling out at Psyshop within a few days. Despite stocking issues, it remains in the Psyshop Top 20 Chart !! - "darkpsy" does not usually fly to the top of their charts, so we take this as a real honor!

In other news, I just got blasted with Mubali's new Shenanigans album, just released on Trishula - it serendipitously arrived in my hands just when I had an hour to kill...in the car. As I do my best listening while driving, and FREE TIME is more rare than the air at Everest when you have 13 month old Solaris* running around saying GANGA all day - that's GAN-GA, not GAN-JA, you wiseasses! - it's his word for chicken...coming from the Portuguese GALLINA - his grandparents took him to see the neigbhor's chickens 4 times a day while Nelson and I were off being ALL (inside joke) at the Boom Festival. It seems to have affected him deeply -- this was a case of Perfect Timing.

Um, where was I? Right - Shenanigans. I need to listen a few more times, but on first listen I was already going deep inside...Mr. Farley has a gift, and we are grateful and honored to have him on board at Lycantrop.

*GUARANTEED SMILE: check out Solaris in the "FAVORITES" section on the Lycantrop Records channel in YouTube - I stuck some videos of him with our dog Bam Bam! Oh wait, sorry, I am still a Blogger newbie, here, I can embed the video right here! Enjoy!

Solaris vs. Bam Bam

Peace out,
Keira/ Lycantrop Crew, h

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