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Monday, August 3, 2009

Distorted Shire - Out Now

Distorted Shire inner album artwork 3x!"Distorted Shire inner album artwork 3x

Hi Ho! Hope everyone is having a great summer. We just got back from Portugal last night, and baby Lycantrop and Mama Lycantrop leave Friday for almost 1 month in the US, visiting family. Meanwhile, we are busy working on the Lycantrop website and our second release, Distorted Shire: a tightly woven, highly cohesive story OUT NOW - in both digital (MP3 and FLAC/WAV) and CD formats!!! Here is the tracklist:

DarkShiRe: Yakuza 148
DarkShiRe & Detonator: Snake in the Grass 149
Dark Elf & Mind Distortion System: Groovy Minds 150
Septagram: Trancendance 150
Kulu & Mind Distortion System: Moving from Inside 150
DarkShiRe & Mind Distortion System: Night Takes the Queen 149
Mind Distortion System: Lycantrop 152
Mind Distortion System: Dollar Collapse 154
Mind Distortion System & Darkshire: Integrated 154
Kokobloko & Cymazz: Micromodules 156-168

Feedback has been excellent - so far, we have had direct contact with every single person who has the music, which is really cool and also probably explains why it is not being shared over the internet.

We are going on the record to say we have NOTHING against sharing music as part of what it means to enjoy!! Full 128 kbps tracks are up on LAST FM for your listening pleasure. Our Webshop (more on this later) sells both 320 kbps mp3 and FLAC4WAV.

So, yes, the CD is out now, but still not available in the regular shops - there was a delay because Beatspace first did not want to carry the CDs.* Beatspace has now confirmed receipt of the shipment, so DISTORTED SHIRE should be in stock at Beatspace and other shops any day now.

Here in Belgium, we encourage you to purchase from Mike of Recycled Records - this way, your purchasing power goes straight back into our local community. Sustainability is where it is at. Mike will have DISTORTED SHIRE CDs at the Lost Theory party on 5 September.

If you just can't wait - our "Nimbit" webshop is integrated with our Lycantrop web-profiles - and features exclusive SPECIAL DEALS. Find the Nimbit Shop on any of these pages:
- MySpace profile (top of page)
- Facebook profile (go to boxes tab)
- Facebook page (go to boxes tab) BTW: still a chance to get the Distorted Shire bonus tracks from this page if you read carefully ;-)))))))
- Psyport page (top of page)
- Lycantrop website (a work in progress, artist "portals" will all be "activated" soon)

From the webshop interface, CLICK on the TSHIRT icon to the right of the music (albums) icon.
Special deals: Discounts if you purchase:
1) - 2 CDS and a tshirt/tank top
2) - 1 CD and a tshirt/tank top
3) - Lycans' Meeting+ Distorted Shire together (this deal will come online tonight or tomorrow)
Some people have already noticed that when you place Lycans' Meeting next to Distorted Shire, the beginning of a design begins to emerge. The full design will be visible when the first 10 Lycantrop CDS are placed together in sequence. A special thank you to the listeners who show their support through buying the music.
A more immediate way of saying thanks: if you buy the full DISTORTED SHIRE album (MP3, FLAC/WAV) or CD & receive 2 bonus tracks as free downloads. The tracks are "X" 152 by Dark Elf (DarkShiRe rmx) and "Space Race" (also 152, this one has received great response here in Belgium) by Mind Distortion System. If you buy the CDs through our shop, the downloads appear automatically. If you buy the CD through Beatspace, Psyshop, etc, the download codes can be found inside the CD package.

Big boom!!!
The Lycan Crew

ps - DJ contest will be reannounced with updated parameters once tech issues are sorted. sorry for not having it together sooner
* If you buy a CD, you might notice they were "Made in Belgium" - underground (literally) style. We chose to work this way because was the only way to be SURE not to lose money on the release. Most people who have seen the CDs have said that if we did not tell them we'd done them ourselves, they would not have guessed it. But anybody who pays attention to that sort of thing CAN see it (on the CD). That said, the quality is pretty damn good. And just think, handmade with LOVE.
The inspiration for Lycantrop's second compilation, Distorted Shire, comes from Greek myth and legend. For thousands of years, the ancient Greeks celebrated the Eleusinian Mysteries, an annual ritual that culminated with group consumption of the barley-based, entheogenic kykeon drink and a night of wild dancing. Greece was also home to the father of all Lycans: King Lykaon, transformed into a wolf by Zeus himself. Transformation lies at the heart of these ancient traditions and tales and trance formation is Lycan lifeblood.

Distorted Shire is a "split plus friends", with Nelson (Mind Distortion System) and Mario (DarkShiRe) at its core, and featuring an all-Greek cast of producers, with the exception of Mind Distortion System. MDS and DarkShiRe collaborated on two tracks; the rest of the album is split between the two artists and features each of them solo, as well as with friends, including artist Dimitri Dark Elf on tracks with each. The result of this tight-knit collaboration is a highly cohesive and smooth-flowing album with dynamic basslines and energetic, shifting rhythms: acoustic kykeon for the wolf within!

Lycanophiles everywhere, prepare for lift-off!

Efxaristo Ellada!

Compiled by Nelson MDS and Mario DarkShiRe

Mastered by Nelson MDS and Dimitri Dark Elf

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