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Friday, September 4, 2009

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

Let's hope the old adage proves true in the case of super son/sun Solaris, today diagnosed with bronchitis after over 2 months with a cough. I did take him to the doctor between returning from Portugal and leaving for the US, but the doctor said she "did not hear anything" in his chest...long story short, it got worse and worse, and then he got a high fever, vomiting stomach flu on top of it...not good.

I am sure he will be fine: he is incredibly strong and still has a lot of energy for being so sick. He is taking 3 medicines through an inhaler machine...which he hates and which requires assistance (endless gratitude to Luis, aka Pikalel, aka Krono Psy). His father cannot help because he is in Guatemala, resting up for Crossroads of Fantapsy tomorrow - should be a great party, and Nelson is in the mood to PLAAAAAY after a killer set at Aurora Festival in Greece last month.

On the Lycantrop side of the world, top priority is finishing the artist profiles complete (finally) and doing some other necessary website stuff. As soon as Nelson finishes compiling for the Hybrides Evolution compilation (a tricky CD this one, as every track will be a VERSUS...or as we like to say "WITH"...so you have to build a story that flows with many different producer sounds in it), we will announce it - right now, the tracklist is perhaps 70% finalized. Realistically, we probably won't get it out before the end of the year, as we had been hoping to do. March looks more likely and you know what they say about March...IN LIKE A LION. We'll keep ya posted.

DISTORTED SHIRE - the DarkShiRe+Mind Distortion System "split versus plus friends"comp just released in August) continues to sell well - currently sold out in Saiko Sounds and Bravo, but Beatspace has promised me they will restock soon. It's been #12 or 13 on the Psyshop charts for the past week. As you might know, this CD was HANDMADE WITH LOVE right in Lycantrop HQ - and I cannot tell you how many people have told me they never would have guessed it - the quality is very, very good. A reminder that every time you buy the full release (digital from our webshop or physical CD from our shop or any retailer), you get a code for 2 free downloads- X by Dark Elf (DarkShiRe rmx) and Space Race by MDS...

As usual, a big thanks to YOU for your support - if you are reading this, your good energy is coming our way (and vice versa)!!

Finally, a few words to acknowledge the untimely passing of Rodney, internationally known for being the main man behind Shanti Jatra festival in Nepal. I did not know Rodney personally, but all my contact him was professional and pleasant, and it was a shock to hear that he is no longer part of our material realm. Condolences to his friends and family.

Peace to all,
K. Lycan

ps - Hopefully, this post will NOT show up 3 times on Facebook - I think I fixed the problem. I cannot believe that some dude thought I was triple posting intentionally.

pps - little videomix of Solaris hitting his current favorite tunes: "Eensy Weensy Spider", "Oh Susannah" and the Sesame Street classic "C is for Cookie" right at the the end of our US trip...it looks more dangerous than it was, we were going very very very slow in a big traffic jam and I just held the camera behind me (I wasn't looking). Yes, he likes to pretend that a pretend Jupiler remote control is his telephone....good little Belgian. ;-)))

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