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Monday, June 27, 2011

LOUVES (She-Wolves) CD4 Coming auwoooh soon!

Hey Lycans!

Just a quick note to let you know, we are close to announcing our next release, LOUVES!

With our 4th release, LOUVES, Lycantrop honors the spirit of the feminine divine, presenting the unique and powerful talents of she-wolves Kala, Nasha, Yara and Labrini. Let the she-wolves take you beyond moments, beyond time, beyond thoughts of male/female or any other illusory versions of separation. For the act of creation is only complete when you join in! As a gentle reminder of the ever-subjective and dual nature of experience, we hope you will agree that these vibrations are not only feminine but also and simply: excellent music.

Releasing in September. Sound Samples, album art and more info will be online soon. Mastering by MadMaXstering.

Wishing you much daysun and nighthowling!

With love,
K Lycan

ps - artwork will be 16 page booklet based on original sand paintings by Charley Case, together with David Demazy with handpainted adaptations by Lycan sister Darshana Bolt, whose artwork (and singing and dancing) are frequently on display in Burlington, Vermont. A recent review of her artwork is here.

Here, you can see the front cover and last page of the booklet:

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