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Friday, December 12, 2008

Lycans' Meeting on Triplag Webradio Saturday, 13 December (tomorrow)

Many thanks to Ganika for hosting Lycans' Meeting on tomorrow's "Spiritual Nights" broadcast!

Starts at "18:00 GMT - Greenwich Mean Time"
* Spiritual Nights* Dec 13th:
Digital-X * Krono-Psy * V.A. Lycans' Meeting - Lycantrop rec. *

Written by ganika triplag

Wednesday, 03 December 2008 23:34

Spiritual Nights upcoming radio show, set for Saturday Dec. 13th. Featuring producers "Krono_Psy" & "DigitalX", V.A. "Lycan's Meeting - Lycantrop records". Starts at "18:00 GMT".

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sakeboho said...

This is Keira from Lycantrop. If you missed the show, you have another chance to hear Lycans' Meeting on 27 Decembver - here's the message from Ganika, the host of Triplag Webradio's Spiritual Nights program:


many thanx LycanTrop Record for having your VA "Lycan's Meeting" headlined in this past saturday Triplag radio show "Spiritual Nights". This V.A. is something definitely to look for !@! killarrr tracks *************** each single one of them ************* due to high requests to replay "Lycan's Meeting" again on air, therefore planing to headline again your VA on Dec the 27 th ~ i will pm you to get approval ~ peace ~


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