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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Lycantrop DJ Mixcast Contest Rules

Deadline for applications EXTENDED!

Old deadline: March 15
New deadline: April 30

Date Contest (voting) ends also CHANGED!

Old : May 15
New: June 30


Another important change:

Old rules required a total of at least 5 tracks from Lycans' Meeting artists
New rules for artists: at least 2 tracks from Lycans' Meeting v.a. and a total of at least 4 tracks from Lycantrop Label Artists


Everything else stays the same! Send us your mixes soon!!


The winner of our upcoming DJ MIXCAST CONTEST will be invited to join Lycantrop Records as a label DJ!

How to ENTER:
Send us your mix (sendspace, megaupload, etc,) including:
  • your DJ name
  • at least 2 tracks from LYCANS MEETING
  • a total of at least 4 RELEASED tracks from LYCANTROP LABEL ARTISTS
  • Tracklist and timings ARE REQUIRED (artist name, album release information/if unreleased, please note "unreleased")
  • Deadline to send your mix: MAY 15 2009 .
OUR EMAIL ADDRESS: lycantroprecordsadmin@gmail.com

Technical Details - PLEASE READ!
- Your mix can be a live mix or in-studio.
- Audio Format: encode to MP3 / 128 kbps
- Minimum Length: 45 minutes
- Maximum Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes

How it WORKS:
- Videos will be shown on:
1) You Tube Lycantrop Contest Site
2) MySpace
3) Lycantrop's Facebook site

- Each mix can be rated. Contest closes on 30 June. Highest rated mix on June 30 wins, and the DJ joins our label family!

How to LISTEN:
- Playlist WILL be embedded on Lycnatrop's main website, blog, Psyport page, MySpace page, Facebook profile, etc
- The playlist can be embedded by anyone - your own MySpace page, for example!
- Darkpsyde is also hosting the videos !

And our friends over at triplag_88x32_2.gif Triplag will be airing the mixes on their radio station. (A dedicated newsclip on the Webradio site will direct listeners to the You Tube Lycantrop Contest Playlist so they can rate mixes.

- You must be a working DJ, with 3 references of paid parties where you have played in the last 18 months (name/date event and organization, copy of flyer or link to web event posting)
You must be prepared to show Lycans' Meeting "proof of purchase." *

* If first-choice winner is disqualified, the next highest-rated valid entry will be the winner. We know some of you will NOT buy the CD and we welcome you to join the fun! You can still enter the contest and take advantage of the promotion opportunity. You just cannot win a DJ position on our label....this time.

May the best mix win!


OUR EMAIL ADDRESS: lycantroprecordsadmin@gmail.com

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