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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Endless Euforia DJ Mix for Contest on Triplag!

Here's the link!

We hope the video will be ready soon and will update this post when it's online.


About Endless Euforia:ENDLESS EUFORIA (www.myspace.com/endlesseuforia) is a project formed ends of 2007 by Adolfo Usier aka d.N.i (www.myspace.com/dnipsydark),
Owner and Manager of Ultravision Records Spain , Adolfo met psychedelic trance in 1997 and began make music in April 2006...
He had a experience in 2006 when he know Aaron Peacock aka OCELOT in basel swiss, adolfo usier know with Ocelot how to use Nuendo, izotope ozone, albino 3 and much more..."THANK YOU MAN".
D.N.I / ENDLESS EUFORIA/MIND TALKERS projects has released with dark psychedelic music in labels like Moonsun Records, Thee Magik Family Records, Kagdila Records, Import Exploit Records, ICC Records, UNwashed Records, Twisted Minds Records, Psydom Records, Blind Noise records, Ultravision Records and will release this year of 2009 with, Namaha records, Quantum Frog Productions, Biomechanix Records, Xtream Dimension Label, Active Meditation Records, Buddha Mantra records and too much more to coming... Ends of 2007 he create "ENDLESS EUFORIA" for make unique and new dark style, The idea to form this new project "Endless Euforia" is for make more psychedelic music, and it comes to follow the line of Dark Twisted / Mental and Industrial. The music produced by Endless Euforia have a deep kicks, fat basslines, crazy effects, psyhchedelic twisted Sounds with Gltich and Crazy Breaks a frenetic style, accelerated and very incorporate frenzied beats and psychedelic basslines; agressive, clean and serious. Yours effects are some acid elements, he's crazy all in the dancefloors....

Equipment Used:
AMD Turion 64 bits Dualcore 2.4 _ RAM> 4.096mb
Genuine Core2Duo
AMD Atlon Dual Core 1.2 2048 RAM
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra and Fast Track PRO
Samson Studio Monitors:
Rubicon 80, Resolv 65a and Media one 5a
Mackie 6chnl/line Digital Mixer
Nord Lead Synthesizer
M-Audio Axion 25 Keyboard Usb Controller
Digital Drums Yamaha DD5
DBX 266 XL Compressor/Limiter/Gate/Expander
Tubetech Multiband Compressor 2MC 2B
Effect Proccesor

Nuendo3,Cubase sx3,Sound Forge,WaveLab,Abelton Live Pro.

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Insane Chaos Circuit Records said...

killer friend this guy keep on rocking bro i hope u win the contest ahahah

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