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Saturday, January 10, 2009


I hope everybody enojoyed the holiday season. The full moon is beautiful tonight! I appreciate it more than usual, since, after a few months of trying to figure out where to go next, we realized, the next step is not yet clear, so Mr. and Mrs. Lycantrop decided to stay in our house in Belgium for one more year.

We really do like it here - Solaris has lots of room to run around, we are surrounded by nature (just this week, Solaris saw 2 deer and a fox!)...and the Lycantrop studio setup is perfect.

So, a big relief that we don't have to worry about where to live for a while. Now, it's back to work!

We are still working out some issues with our main website, but hope to have all fixed soon. (This blog needs some layout help, too!) We are trying to upload all of our artist and release content to a great music-network-site called ReverbNation: you can see widgets from RN at the top of this blog (with artist info, track info, videos, bookings, and more). Check out ReverbNation: it is really cool!

We are super happy to welcome Pablo, aka Kashyyyk, to the Lycantrop family! Kashyyyk is one of the most innovative producers to emerge in recent times: fasten your seatbelts before taking a trip with this dude, 'cos his music picks up where the Concorde left off - supersonic and way above the clouds!

Other news? The Distorted Shire v.a. is looking good for a March release...good ol' Ju is hard at work on another cover, so quality guaranteed! Here is the tracklisting:

CD2 // Distorted Shire (v.a.) // scheduled release date: March 09

- Darkshire: Yakuza 148
- Darkshire & Detonator: Snake in the Grass 149
- Septagram: Trancendance 150
- Dark Elf & Mind Distortion System: Groovy Minds 150
- Kulu & Mind Distortion System: Moving from Inside 150
- Mind Distortion System & Darkshire : Night Takes the Queen 149
- Mind Distortion System: Psychologue 150
- Darkshire & Mind Distortion System: Integrated 154
- Mind Distortion System: Dollar Collapse 154
- Kokobloko & Cymazz: Micromodules: 156-168

Psysource from Iran is a VJ and friend of Nelson...in fact, he just joined Lycantrop as a label VJ! I JUST saw the video he made for Dollar Collapse and it is excellent...I can't wait to get it online. I wonder if the dollar really will collapse just when we release this track? The scheduled March release date for Distored Shire is looking about right!!

Much more going on, but I will leave it for another day and go sit by the cozy fire for a little while.

Namaste from Belgium. Over and out.

~ Lycan HQ

* go to this forum thread for more theorizing on the demise of the world's FIAT reserve currency:
"I think everyone realizes Bush and Co. have no political clout left to explain Bretton Woods III to the American people.... This announcement will be done under their new brand name product, "Obama (TM)".

Once this announcement is made, and the US Dollar loses its reserve currency status (and the insiders are given a chance to get out before the announcement is made), then the US Dollar will be thrown to the wolves, and should collapse shortly thereafter. March is probably a good bet.

I am interested to see what the new reserve currency will be, and if gold or a basket of commodities will be a component, but really you will need to exit the Dollar before the announcement in January. I think it could come anytime after the inauguration. If you wait until March, I think the Dollar will be completely debased, and it'll be too late.

Gold is probably as safe as any place to be right now, if you aren't on the privileged inside.

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Axis Mundi said...

I just noticed this thread but in my opinion Kashyyyk is a great producer who's definitely earned a lot of respect from many peers who speak highly of his character... welcome aboard! :)

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