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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Over here in the land of Moules and Frites, the birds are cuddled up in pairs, and the tulips in our garden have flowered. Things are growing, maturing. And while our blog may have apppeared lifeless of late, Lycantrop Records is alive and well, about to enter Chapter 2 with the upcoming release of Distorted Shire a "split (MDS and Darkshire) + friends (an all Greek cast!). Mastering by MDS and Dimitri and artwork by Ju...

There is a comment thread going on Forum Isra Trance, if you want to visit, here's the direct link.

On the website front, we'll have artist profiles online within a week or two - most of the artists have already been mentioned on this site, but there are a couple of surprises, too. We are so happy to have these artists with us - it is our mission to support them and help them to touch people wi...we are just channeling all that energy and hoping that our contribution to the vibration is gonna help humanity to get to the next stage - a world where our children can grow without fear and hate, where we are sustainable in our habitat and respectful of every living thing. A place of balance. An evolved world. A spiritual world. Cross your fingers for Spaceship Earth!

On our "Nimbit" webshop, you can also shop directly for Lycantrop digital and physical merchandise - that means MP3 and FLAC (WAV) tracks, as well as CDs and )- coming soon - Tshirts. The shop is also THE PLACE to join our mailing list - we are getting organized and will be using our shop to do things like make exclusive tracks available to the people on our list - so JOIN THE PACK - OWWOOOOOH!

Oh yeah, I should mention that our webshop is also integrated into the Lycantrop Records profiles on MySpace and Facebook , as well as Psyport and here on this blog...so you can join our mailing list from any site and also purchase Lycantrop stuff if you are the purchasing kind of person. ;-)

Rawar was just here and it was a true pleasure to meet him, and I was blown away by his music...if you don't know his stuff or you haven't heard his latest music, I highly recommend a listen! Was a great night at Psychedelic DOA - da Portuguese were really in the house with Krono Psy of ICC and Lycantrop (okay, now it is not a surprise anymore!), Mind Distortion System (kiss!) and Rawar all playing live. I'll get pics online soon and videos...someday. Soon. I hope. ;-)

The DJ Mixcast contest is still happening but technical issues have delayed the "active phase" of listening and voting, so I will reannounce it soon and allow entries until much later than originally planned. Sorry about that and thanks for your patience.

That's all for now. Peace....

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