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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Distorted Shire release + bonus tracks

Just a quick note to let you know that the Distorted Shire bonus tracks are now in our webshop (you can find the webshop on this blog, and also on our Myspace page, Facebook pages (fan page and main page) as well as on the Lycantrop website: wherever you go, there we are! (As Alan Watts says, "Now, don't be frightened...")

Distorted Shire bonus tracks:
We are proud to offer you "X" by Dark Elf (DarksHiRe remix) and "Space Race" by Mind Distortion System - both tracks are 152 bpm and you receive download access to each track in both MP3 and FLAC(WAV).

The tracks can be purchased (yes, yes, show your support!!!) but they will be FREE to anyone who purchases the Distorted Shire physical CD (release date 3 July), which we are hand-crafting with LOVE right here in the Lycantrop HQ production facility. I'll get some pics online soon, and explain more....but I can promise you that the quality is retail-level. It has been a big project but we hope that innovation and dedication to the scene are gonna keep us pumping music your way for a long time to come!

If you do visit our website, you might notice that the Artist Profiles are all F#CkED up - long story short, we are getting some great help on our site from Boo Design in Australia, but I'm doing the profiles and pseudo-learning Dreamweaver on the fly. I think I finally know what I am doing, so all profiles should be online by the end of this month...I'll be doing a few each day...currently, Mubali, MDS, Dark Elf and DarksHiRe are online, so you can check them out for fun.


We're making a shop at Psycrowdelica (Irish Coffee...mmmh) - hope see you there!

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